About us

Established in 2020, German Language Center Islamabad (GLCI) is an affordable alternative that paves the way for your German language proficiency and prepares students for any levels of German language certifications while keeping economic crises under consideration, especially after the COVID 19 pandemic. A group of volunteers consisting of professional, high caliber, and highly educated academia, and support staff make GLCI a place for extraordinary learning. GLCI provides an online platform for German language learning and in the future, we look forward to establishing a learning institute. GLCI fosters the Pak-German friendship.

Why Study at GLCI ?

German Language Center Islamabad (GLCI) works closely with all of the students who want to learn or enhance their German language abilities. GLCI wants to provide a forum to those students who seriously want to invest in their future by learning the German language. GLCI promotes student success, academic excellence, and access to the cultural experience by delivering high-quality education and services to our diverse communities.


We have highly qualified native and non-native German teachers. All curricula according to the CEFRL (Common European Framework of References for Languages). We offer a small class size, not more than 20 students a class.


Affordable online and on-campus certification courses are offered with no minimum GPA requirement. Individual support from teachers and staff is provided. Students are engaged in activities and workshops.


We offer Free Online Revision Classes to refresh your German language skills. Student Services and teachers work with each student one-on-one to ensure the achievement of academic and personal goals.