German for Advanced Learners (B2, C1, C2)

Have you been studying German language for quite some time?
Did you successfully take A1, A2 and B1?
Do you want to continue, but can’t find German language courses in Pakistan that go beyond the level of B1?
GLCI uniquely offers German language courses for advanced learners up to the highest level of C2.

Our teachers

  • are native speakers,
  • have academic degrees from renowned German universities in the fields of German Studies, Linguistics, Teaching Foreign Languages and Educational Science,
  • have international teaching experience for many years,
  • will help you to successfully achieve the highest level of language proficiency in German.

We offer

  • 1:1 classes or small-size groups (max. 8 students),
  • online or classroom-based courses,
  • unique and most recent methods of teaching to provide an effective learning speed
  • tailor-made and flexible course structures in accordance with your personal wishes.